Day by day digital technology evolves, so we spend most of the time in front of a screen (computer, cell phone, TV, etc.) making the multi-screen experience take our life.

When it comes to acquiring a product or service the consumer’s primary source of inquiry is the different digital platforms, social networks, blog reviews, website, etc. That is why it is vitally important that companies are on 2.0 web platforms.

Thanks to this new purchase tool, professions 2.0 are born, since each time will have to have a dedicated and specific profile to the digital positioning of business.

These profiles are preferably accommodated in the areas of marketing and / or communication, as these are responsible for interacting with the customer through the internet, creating digital strategies, content creation and other tasks that help the brand is within reach of all.

The most demanded positions are:

  • Social Media Manager: Is responsible for creating and leading online marketing strategies, budgeting and activity schemes, works hand by hand with the community manager.
  • Community Manager: Responsible for being the “face" of the company on the internet, interacts daily with consumers and potential customers, preferably on social networks, to improve the quality of communication between user and brand.
  • SEO / SEM Specialist: In charge of optimizing search engine positioning.
  • Web Analytics Specialist: In charge of collecting and analyzing data online, most of this data is obtained through online marketing campaigns. What gives the company clear results of how effective their campaigns are on the internet

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