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Choose a space to stablish an office is a very important decision. We have to considerate many factors to take the correct option, between the most important, is the economy. We must think that apart to the lease canon of the traditional offices, usually, we pay additional costs as the parking lot, electricity, water, phone services, administration, messaging, cafeteria, maintenances work and other operating expenses.

There is a dilemma also for the offices’ location. You must think that the office has an excellent location and an accessible place to employees and customers. A wrong decision may cost a lot.

Furnished Offices

Furnished Offices are a resource cheaper than traditional offices and count with all include services. It does not obligate to the signature of a common leasing contract that its duration can be too long. By the other hand, furnished offices provide flexibility to rent spaces by hours, days or months, all according to costumers’ needs. They are in the most exclusive sites of the cities (for example, in Bogotá, Prime My Office has headquarters in Santa Barbara and Chicó neighborhood, and soon, in the Street 109 and near of Park 93 Street) to project an image of confidence and security with their customers and an easy access to their employees.

These offices can be taken immediately, and they are ready to work. Additionally, in this service come include exclusives boardrooms to your meetings. Everything that you need to work in your business.

This option becomes as one of the most valuables to entrepreneurs, big and small businessmen and companies that are looking for reduce their expenses.

If you want to know about the furnished offices service, specific offices that cover your needs and all the opportunities that we offer you to reach success, visit our website and watch all the benefits available to you. Do not forget following us in our social networks.

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