0ur last networking of 2017 - Digital Branding: the most valuable tool to create value build trust and grow your business model

At Prime Holding Service we have spaces for our clients to strengthen and increase their network of contacts.

Our Networking’s are focused on the participants finding business opportunities or alliances that strengthen and provide growth to their business.

Last November 22, our last networking of 2017 took place, where the theme was ” Digital Branding: the most valuable tool to create value, build trust and grow your business model “.

Nowadays, marketing strategies take a fundamental role in every business, especially digital marketing strategies, these are campaigns that are focused for an audience that consumes over the Internet.

With a digital branding strategy your business will obtain brand value and the desired positioning.

If you want to know more about the subject, download the presentation by clicking here.

After this training space, Networking participants have the opportunity to present their company in 1 minute and create contacts for future sales or negotiations.

The dynamic that is handled allows all attendees to meet and exchange information.

Our clients also enjoy prizes from Prime and our partners.

Enjoy this and more benefits by belonging to Prime My Office. Contact Us. Telephone 6582555 – 3108161504 – 3112236267,

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