In Colombia day by day the entrepreneurs dream to constitute their company. The good thing is that these processes have improved over the years and now this task is much simpler and faster. After analyzing the need to be covered, the target public, competition, market analysis, among others, is ready to formalize the company without intermediaries or complicated procedures.


We have compiled the steps that must be taken to legalize a company, and be ready to take this great step.

Steps you must follow to legalize a company:


  1. You must consult the name you want for the brand, in order that another company does not have it registered (ask your query here).
  2. Record the bylaws (internal rules governing companies) in “Cámara y Comercio” (Colombian institution for company registration).
  3. Apply through the DIAN (Colombian tax institute) your Pre-RUT (Number for Company Taxes).
  4. In “Cámara de Comercio” of Bogotá, apply for mercantile registration.
  5. Once you have the registration and the Pre-RUT, you proceed to open a bank account.
  6. Request the definitive NIT for your company.
  7. Register the NIT before the “Cámara y Comercio”, in order to obtain the certificate of existence and legal representation.
  8. The billing resolution is issued in the DIAN, which has a validity of 2 years. After this the invoices with the authorized numbers are printed.
  9. Registration of the books of minutes and books of shareholders.
  10. Registration of the company before the Social Security System.

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