Many entrepreneurs are opting nowadays to use coworking spaces, since these offers everything that is needed to develop the business activities for a low cost.

These spaces allow to work in an effective and organized way, as they are in a totally competitive and modern environment, and offers the opportunity to create contact networks.

The spaces of coworking allow sharing a place equipped with what is needed to work, basically you just must bring your computer and start working, the best thing is that these spaces have a modern style, relaxed and inspiring.

It also allows working with people of different profiles and public relations; these relationships can become strategic allies or even in businesses.

“The digital economy or the economic revolution 4.0 is not only creating a wide variety of jobs that previously did not exist, but is transforming the way we conceived the idea of ​​work, as an office that was going to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with an established time of entry, lunch and departure. However, no study has been found to show that working under a contractually established schedule at a specific time and place maximizes productivity, performance, or employee satisfaction. “- Maria González – EAFIT UNIVERSITY Professor

As María González says, work schemes are changing, and new spaces are being created that boost productivity and improve the worker’s quality of life. If your business is just beginning, but you want to project a professional and stable image, the spaces of coworking are the best tool for your company.

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