With more than 10 years of experience in the market Prime Holding Service has accompanied the entrepreneurs to make of their dreams a reality, through its services.

Today, Manager Sandra Pérez shares, from her experience as an entrepreneur, things of relevance to achieve success.

What to do or know before making the decision?


  • Must have a work experience that allows you to acquire leadership, sales knowledge, market behavior, mastery of numbers management, personnel management, among others.
  • Knowledge and strengthening of the following administrative skills:
  • Cash flow management.
  • System Administration.
  • Personal time management.
  • Management of contacts.
  • Permanent support of entities such as the “Cámara y Comercio” (Colombian institute for company registration) and Bilateral Chambers; go to seminars, congresses, participate in fairs, business meetings, register to associations like Acopi, Sena, Fenalco, Universities, “Cámara y Comercio” (public entities), etc.
  • In the early years there is a high quota of sacrifice, permanently assuming “calculated" risks and finally, all this translate into results.
  • Change the mindset of saving to investment.

Tips for Entrepreneurs


  • Overcome obstacles: fear, cynicism, laziness, bad habits, arrogance.
  • Learn to use the emotions to think, not to think with emotion.
  • Be alert for new opportunities, receive ongoing training, show interest.
  • The most important thing is to focus. Knowing what I want and where I’m going.
  • Strengthen strengths and find ways to help them reduce weaknesses.
  • Avoid negative phrases such as “I can´t, it is impossible" to be changed by “I will look at how to do it", “I have learned from this experience" and “I have formed".
  • Give employees success, be fair and recognize their efforts.
  • Have in mind the law of reciprocity, first give and then receive.
  • I do not work to earn money, money works for me and in this way, I learn.
  • Action and attitude go hand by hand: I deserve it, I have earned it.
  • Specific, achievable, measurable, and realistic goals

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