The virtual office is an alternative for those who do not need or cannot have a traditional office where the high costs of rent, fitting, furniture and day-to-day logistics are assumed directly.

Although it may not seem like it and remains strange to many the virtual office concept, it is a fact that having remote office has its advantages.

Cost Benefit: By not having a physical office or the traditional office in rent and having a virtual office, you will save not only the monthly cost, but you will not incur in the procedures of search for co-signer, cost of assembly or maintenance, do not need receptionist or staff to do the cleaning or attend the cafeteria, does not incur selection processes or curves of learning, control of results, absences, permits and disabilities, you should not spend your time in going to buy implements for your office, among others .

Remote Comfort: When you have a virtual office, you and your employees will not only work from the comfort of your home, but also will not have to worry about the logistics operation of your business.

Owner of your time: with your virtual office, you will not have to worry about inconveniences of transfers to offices, rush hours or late arrivals, since you manage your own schedule. This will not reduce your productivity and will benefit both the employees and the company.

Space for hours: If you need a temporary space, with a virtual office you find the spaces that are suitable for the attention of your clients and you will have hours quotas in office spaces or meeting rooms, where you can project the best image of your company and focus on the purpose of your meeting.

Prestigious place: the virtual office will provide the correspondence address and exclusive telephone line so that you can use it freely in all your stationery and web page of your company. This will give you recognition and give prestige to your company

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