21st Century Office

If you have a small, medium or large business and have had to look for office, you will know that the monthly cost of renting a space along with the minimum services will be a number with several zeros on the right.

But what would you say if you could acquire an office space with all the comforts, delegating to an expert in service and logistics all those unnecessary activities that take time, using cutting-edge technology and improving the profitability of your company by reducing costs in more than 70%?

Supported by the different technological advances in telecommunications, telephone terminals and the Internet, among others, many traditional concepts have been transformed, one of them being the meaning, use and application of what is an “office".

Allowing the businessman and young entrepreneur to have a new approach and expand the possibilities to develop and generate new business.

Wide area networks have made it possible and easier for “Telework or Home Office", terms already known.

The challenges of this new global economy and the uncertainty of the crisis will create new specialized and functional jobs, which will use this new system.

To adapt to these new requirements, entrepreneurs need to be extremely flexible. They must be willing to adapt to the requirements of the new labor markets. In some cases, they will need to learn new professions and quickly integrate into the different organizations that require their services.

Hence, the idea of Furnished Offices or virtual Offices is born, the main reason or objective is to delegate to an expert all those unnecessary activities that entrepreneurs do in their business life, allowing them to be successful for the time and cost that this demand.

Likewise, it is possible to reduce fixed costs by 70% to 95% per month and without the need to fill out lease forms and search for guarantors or co-signers, which is one of the obstacles to renting traditional offices, they can put their ideas to work at a low cost and without complicated procedures.

In addition to thinking about the image that is generated or projected to have a modern and spacious facilities, where they will find in a business center, offices and meeting rooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, permanent administrative support providing an exclusive telephone number for every businessman, receptionist, secretariat, unlimited Internet access, public services, messaging and technical support; allows to transmit confidence and security in the businesses that the companies related to this modern service perform.

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